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Rose Tree Farms provides fun and exciting customized experiences that will inspire, engage, and bring your family, friends, or co-workers closer together.  The possibilities are endless, so contact us today to book your experience:

  • A birthday party for kids or adults

  • A girls night out for fun or a special occasion like a bachelorette party

  • A friends night out. Already tried ax throwing or looking for something different, come join us for a night with the horses.

We offer fun filled nights at the farms for our ladies! Wine, cheese and horses - what more can you ask for? You will learn about the horses, grooming, and get in the saddle for a ride. Wine and cheese is served afterwards.

Private Parties
  • Birthday

  • Bachelor/ette

  • Anniversary

Ladies Night
  • Learn about horses and learn to groom

  • Get in the saddle and ride

  • Great food, wine and drinks after

Friends Night Out
  • Organize a night with your friends

  • Generally 2 - 3 hours long

  • Groom, ride, and enjoy some good food and dinks




  • Adult Horse Camp

Horse camps aren't just for the kids. Adults should have fun too. Come and learn about the farm and the almost 70 horses we have here. Learn to groom and how to tack up a horse. Get in the saddle or in the cart to take an exhilarating drive around the arena. Experience caring for the horses and enjoying some time on the farm.

  • Individual Wellness & Self-Reflection

Our lives today are busier than ever. With social media constantly calling, a steady stream of work email filling your inbox, and remote work taking up more of your time away from the office, it seems impossible to give your mind a break. The demands are constant and unrelenting. Studies have shown over and over that our 24/7 plugged in lives are negatively impacting our physical and emotional health, our ability to thrive at work, and ultimately our ability to relax at home and enjoy life. Your time at stable, whether for a morning, an afternoon, the day, or for a couple of days, will help you reset and recharge. Clear your mind today, so you can focus on tomorrow.

  • Event Space

Looking for unique event space? We have our newly remodeled lounge (seating for 24) complete with a bar and overlooking our over 7000 square foot indoor arena. Cater in food, enjoy watching the horses, and hold your next party here.

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