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How Horses Can Improve Your College Application

Interested in improving your college application?

It is harder than ever to differentiate yourself from other collegiate applicants. One way to stand out is by having an interesting hobby added to your experience that showcases your strengths, skills and dedication. Horseback riding (and even competitive showing) is a great way to do just that.

People who work closely with horses are known for their hard work ethic, their competitive spirit, and their courage.  Afterall, not everyone is comfortable getting on a 1,200 lb animal and competing in front of an audience of people. 

Regardless of your college interests and goals, there are opportunities to connect working with horses and horseback riding with your college degree.

  • Want to be a vet?  You will need experience and show your dedication to animals.

  • Interested in a business degree?  Work with us to volunteer on the business side of Rose Tree Farms.

  • Interested in the arts?  Use your love of horses to show off your artistic capabilities through photography, drawing, or writing. 

As you can see, there is a lot of inspiration and opportunity around the barn.

If you are looking for ways to separate yourself from the rest of the "college" pack, come join us today! We know you will love it. In fact, you'll probably be looking for ways to maintain your newfound horse craze once you get to college.

And if that's the case, check out the below article on ways you can get your horse fix throughout your time at college.

10 Tips To Get Your Horse Fix In College


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