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Live Lesson & Video Technology

Are you interested in what one of our lessons entails? Below is a video with one of our trainers working with one of our current riders in a live video lesson. You will be amazed at how much our riders learn and take away in just one dedicated lesson with our trainers.

State Of The Art Video Capability

We are also excited to tell you about our new video technology, which allows our riders to record their lessons and take them home. We offer this state of the art video capability to give riders a new perspective of their riding technique so they can continue making improvements. We also offer on-the-ground lessons for the rider and their trainer to review the recorded lesson together and discuss next steps for achieving their goals and desired results.

If you want to see it in action and learn more about it, click here.

For more pictures and videos of our riders, live lessons, shows, and more, check out our gallery!

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