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More Than Blue Ribbons

Updated: May 19, 2020

Are you concerned about a culture of participation ribbons and everyone getting first place? 

Perhaps you should explore the sport of horseback riding for your kids. Don't get us wrong, sports should be a fun learning experience for kids and so often they can be taken way too seriously.

But, horseback riding can help you find the right balance. 

At all levels of horse shows, kids compete for blue ribbons and are usually placed between first through sixth place, and sometimes up to eighth place. Yes, there are usually some tears, but when a child works his or her way up from getting last place to getting first, the confidence and life skills that are developed will pay off for years to come. 

We offer a friendly and safe environment to challenge your child. Talk with us and we are happy to work with you on lesson goals that are both consistent with what you are looking for as a parent and will also allow your child to get the most out of their riding.

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